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I don’t want to talk about guns I want to talk about gun safety.

I have no problem with responsible people owning guns. But what kind of guns is an issue. We are not in a war; we do not need military style weapons on the streets. Now if you really want to debate the Second Amendment, just remember that it calls for a “well-regulated militia.” Unless you’re in the military, you are not a part of the militia. I see nothing to debate about that. Do you?

If you’ve ever gone bird hunting and had to clean that bird before you could eat it and get all the shotgun pellets out, then that’s comparable to using an AR15 on a deer. Except of course these bullets would go straight through the deer taking out big chunks. So much for your venison steaks.

I strongly support background checks before any weapon is sold. I mean background checks at gun stores, at gun shows, and on Internet. I also want to see restoration of licenses for concealed carry. And I see no value in open carry unless you are an officer of the law.

We need red flag laws. People who know an individual is unhealthy and potentially dangerous should be able to contact local law enforcement and report this individual giving law enforcement the opportunity to check it out. We’ve heard of too many incidents where this would have saved lives.

I’m ambivalent about the age issue for buying a gun. I think it likely that an adequate background check compensates for the difference between age 18 and 21.

So now you own a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. I support a lee that mandates all weapons be kept in a secure, locked location. Too often a child gets hold of a weapon and accidentally kills another child. I believe the owner of that weapon should be charged for that death.

And ultimately, I want to ban sales of all military-style weapons. On a national scale, I want none to be manufactured except via a government contract.

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