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Pam started campaigning at age five handing out push cards for Pappy, her grandfather running for Archer County clerk. Although she grew up in a Republican household, she quickly became a Democrat, supporting McGovern because of the Vietnam war. Her first major effort was on behalf of Sarah Weddington, continuing with Geraldine Ferraro, Ann Richards, and Wendy Davis. Pam flew to Chicago to participate in the last ERA march.

She is a major supporter of Rep. Vikki Goodwin which is fortunate since Pam’s district is the new HD 19 comprised of portions of Rep. Goodwin’s former areas of west Travis County.

Pam is a journalism graduate of The University of Texas. She worked as a reporter as well as in public affairs for state government, hospitals, professional associations, and FEMA. She also owned her own small business for public affairs and crisis management. Pam was honored to win multiple honors from her professional association, serving on the local and national boards.

She became interested in psychiatric services and joined the National Alliance on Mental Health, teaching the Family to Family class for four years, and now in the 14th year leading a support group comprised of the families from the final class.

Her two grown sons are her pride and joy. She was involved in their Scouting and still proudly has one of their Cub Scout uniforms. With the addition of two grandsons, Pam has warmed many a bleacher seat.

Pam lived in two southwest Austin neighborhoods serving on the board of each HOA. When her husband retired they built a home in a rural area of the Hill Country. Before buying their land, she made sure there was a strong Democratic organization to join.

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